One of the biggest advantages you have as an online entrepreneur starting today is that there are already established “platforms” you can leverage to make your business start-up quickly, without the need to create your website, online store, or e-commerce website.

By today’s day, the most powerful e-commerce selling platform is Amazon. Over the years this one-time bookseller has become the dominant online retailer, selling everything from toothpaste to baseball shoes to high-end electronics. By selling on Amazon, you can reach a far larger customer base than found on any of the other e-commerce platforms, including eBay. The most exciting fact is that you can potentially make more money by doing less work!

Besides being one of the most profitable places to launch and sell your product, Amazon is also streaming movies and TV shows, even producing its shows. It sells hardware like the Kindle Fire tablet and even has bricks-and-mortar retail stores now. And, not to mention, it took over grocery store chain Whole Foods.

The most innovative part of Amazon’s business is that it allows people to sell products on its site, with the possibility for sellers to take advantage of the brand name’s tremendous reach and influence. They’ve been offering this opportunity in “third party selling” since 2000.

Either you are already an established seller or you’re just starting as an e-commerce seller you may want to consider expanding your distribution into Amazon. You’ll be able to reach more potential customers and increase your sales considerably.

Moreover, Amazon provides its sellers with easy to manage “Seller Central” dashboard that allows Amazon to handle all the  “grunt work” for you.

Top 5 advantages of being an Amazon Seller:

  • A Huge Potential for Sales

You can feel free to leverage the incredible traffic that comes to Amazon. With over 150

million people per month in just the United States ready to purchase, Amazon is your perfect place to sell. Of course, not everybody will be looking for your product, but for those who visit the site and search for specific products in your niche – you’re in a prime position.

  • No Need to Pack and Ship Your Orders

While selling on Amazon you do not need to worry about packing and shipping your

products. This is due to the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA), which lets Amazon handle all storage, packing, and shipping (including free shipping for Amazon Prime Members). It also streamlines international exportation, returns, and customer service.

  • Benefit from the Trusted Brand

Taking into consideration that Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce companies in the world when you operate under the Amazon umbrella, there’s already a built-in level of trust. Its customers know that all items sold on Amazon are of premium quality, and, therefore they do more purchases on the platform. Being in such a place where people already have trust in your product is an amazing thing.

  • Solid Back-End Support

Amazon has a well-developed back-end infrastructure that provides everything you need to successfully sell: inventory tracking, credit card processing, and sales tax collection (which can be overwhelming when you sell in multiple sales tax jurisdictions).

  • Unsolicited Referrals

Amazon’s algorithm (A9) lets customers see a list of recommended products when on the site, and your product could catch the attention of a customer when they’re not even looking for you. Besides, Amazon has a large network of affiliates that may point people to your products by featuring Amazon ads on their websites.

 And what does it take to become a successful Amazon seller? 

Amazon has made its marketplace welcoming for newcomers, but there are a few things to keep in mind to make good money as an Amazon Seller:

  •  Choose the Right Ranking Strategy

The first and the most important thing when it comes to selling on Amazon is ranking. You can’t simply list your products on Amazon and then hope for enough people to buy them. The higher the ranked product, the more the revenue for the seller. Therefore, you must understand that Amazon wants you to sell. The more you sell, the more money Amazon makes, and, as a result, you make more money.

  • Choose the Right Niche

Before starting to sell on Amazon, you have to know for sure what people are interested in. For this, you may want to keep in touch with trends through social media, what’s in the news, and do research on the specific niche you’re looking to launch on. For long-term financial success, you’ll want to focus on products in markets that are always strong and in need.

  • Always Be Competitive

    After launching, make sure you see what your competitors are doing and promoting. Analyze their pricing, the type of marketing strategy they’re using, what specific products (especially new products) they’re offering. Even if you’re sales are amazing and you’re ranked first in the search engine – you need to make sure that you’ve got all things covered.

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