As an Amazon seller, you need all the leverage you can get over your competition – and various Amazon tools are your secret weapons. These amazing tools will help you manage all the important elements about selling online, including price, feedback, finance, shipping, tax, payments, advertising, and even customer service. With that in mind, let’s learn about one of the most powerful Amazon seller apps that will help you become the next Amazon success story.

It’s called Sellerise, and it is the app that will help you track your real-time sales and net profits. The most exciting part about this tool is that it provides 24/7 service to get a better understanding of your business’s processes and where you can grow to outperform the competition!

Sellerise Most Wanted Amazon Features 

Profit Dashboard

Sellerise’s Profit Dashboard will provide you the most accurate data, starting from sales, orders, promo, PPC, fees, to many others, to help you make the best decisions while selling on Amazon.

Smart COGS

The Cost of Goods (COGS) is an accounting principle where you match up the cost of a product with the sale of that product. This allows you to accurately picture your true revenues, gross margins, and profitability for a given month. Therefore, the Smart COGS by Sellerise will make sure you always get the most accurate numbers.

Shipment Optimizer

This tool allows you to ship your products to one Amazon warehouse, instead of splitting them by several destinations, therefore allowing you to save a lot of money on shipping.

Geo Orders Dashboard

Have you ever wondered where your orders are coming from? This Sellerise tool has a detailed breakdown of everything you need to know about your organic sales, PPC, promo, clip coupons, and SNS.

Amazon Review Requester

They provide you with a fully automated review requester that will make sure you get

more reviews on your products. Simply set it up once and forget about ever spending time doing it manually.

Sellerise for iPhone

They’ve got you covered even when you don’t have access to your computer. Use the Sellerise app that will do all the math and show you both gross and net profits within seconds. Know exactly how much you’ve made this month with ease, anywhere, anytime.

Sellerise vs Feedback Whiz

Feedbackwhiz it’s an Amazon email automation software designed to help you keep on top of your Feedback & Reviews. It will boost your business, repair feedback, improve your Amazon product reviews, and automate high-volume emails.

Just like Sellerise, Feedback Whiz automates communication to Amazon customers using customized buyer-seller messaging emails or Amazon’s Request a Review button.

Through Feedback Whiz’s services, as a seller, you can schedule campaigns based on triggers such as refunds, shipment, delivery, feedback, and repeat buyers to maximize review conversion. They can monitor, manage, and get alerts on reviews and listings changes for products so they can quickly respond to negative reviews or critical events such as hijackers, buy-box loss, and listing issues.

They will measure and track your profits for all Amazon selling metrics, as well as aggregate financial data into customized product groupings to compare categories, brands, types, and marketplaces. This will save you time and increase your productivity considerably.

This one tool does all this:

  • Email automation with more customization

You can tailor your email campaigns to suit any need and come up with unique template designs too (including GIFS, Images, etc).

  • Order Management

It allows you to instantly track order status, find the best-selling products, pinpoint and promote to returning customers, and identify returns from a single window.

  • Feedback Tools

FeedbackWhiz allows you to easily monitor your Amazon listings, quickly view important Amazon seller statistics, and receive instant alerts so you can act fast on critical events, increasing your seller metrics and improving your Amazon seller reputation.

  • Key Data

It provides key data on your Amazon account so you can see how you’re truly performing. As well as access to specific orders for purposes such as blacklisting particular buyers (refunds, returns, negative feedback, etc).

  • Monitoring and Notifications

FeedbackWhiz provides 24/7 monitoring of your Amazon seller feedback, product reviews, buy box changes, listing hijackers, and title changes. It also allows complete control over exactly which products you need Amazon seller alerts for so you can quickly take action.

Pricing & Trial

 Price Range:

  • Free limited plan available.
  • Paid plans cost from $19.99 to $139.99 per month.
  • Product Monitoring – from $5 per month.

Still, Sellerise offers more 24/7 services that can help you track your real-time sales, net profits, and get a better understanding of your business’s processes. But, if you want an email automation software that is going to reduce the number of bad reviews and feedback you get, as well as gaining more positive reviews, then you should consider getting FeedbackWhiz.

Sellerise vs Helium 10

Helium 10 Pros and Cons


Amazon training



All-in-one Amazon tools




Top Amazon Tools Helium 10 Provides

Product Research 

With a robust 450 million ASIN database, you can easily uncover winning product

ideas and quickly dive deeper into the analytics like seasonal trends and profit estimates. Their powerful filters provide accurate data and information, thus helping you to dive deeper into the market to research and validate those ideas.

Keyword Research 

Effortlessly discover traffic-pulling keywords, like single-word and reverse ASIN searches, source everything from backend keywords to low-competition phrases that will help drive more traffic to your listing, and make sure it is always well-optimized.

Product Launches

It takes nearly all of the risk and guesswork out of launching a new product with Cerebro and Magnet by showing how many products to give away and which keywords to target to bring in the most customers.

Competitor Spying 

Find out your competition’s strategy by uncovering what keywords their products are ranking for.

Listing Optimization 

With the help of Helium 10, you can quickly build and optimize your product listings while you enjoy watching your sales grow considerably. They will make sure you have the most relevant keywords included in your listing, so you rank #1.

Keyword Tracking 

Track all of your keywords including their rank, Amazon badges, and more. Whether you’re launching a product or optimizing an existing listing, tracking keywords is crucial for succeeding on Amazon.


Get refunded for the lost or damaged inventory that Amazon may not have reimbursed you for.

And More 

Hijacker Alerts, Inventory Protection, Keyword Index Checker, and many more tools to help you achieve your Amazon goals.

Helium 10’s Pricing & Trial

Helium 10’s pricing is divided into four separate membership options to better suit each client. Each plan has different options, including access to a variety of tools, and is paid monthly, so you can easily adjust your membership to include more tools when needed.

  • Free (Helium 10 Trial) 
  • Platinum – $97/month
  • Diamond – $197/month
  • Elite – $397/month

To sum up, Helium 10 Software Suite contains tools that help Amazon sellers to find high ranking keywords, identify trends, spy on competitors, and fully optimize product listings.

Here are 3 Reasons why Sellerise is Your Best Helium 10 Alternative

  • Smart COGS

Do you always have fixed product cost? If you ship by ocean or air – your price per

item always fluctuates. Sellerise’s COGS (Cost of Goods Sold) service will give you an accurate picture of what your true revenues, gross margins, and profitability are for a given month. Accounting for COGS allows you to better manage your inventory by treating your product inventory as an asset on your books until you sell the product.

  • Shipment Optimizer

If you need to ship products to one Amazon warehouse instead of splitting by several destinations, Sellerise has got you covered. It provides you a simple solution that allows you to save a lot of money and time on shipping.

  • Smart Geo Orders Dashboard

Sellerise offers you a detailed breakdown of all your orders by state, for you to get to know your target customers. Besides, they will also take care of managing your sales channels: tracking real-time sales, net profits, PPC, promo, fees, and more. It also offers shipment optimizers, an automated review requester, reports, and more.

Sellerise vs Camelizer

Camelizer is a free browser extension/add-on for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari that aids online shopping provided by CamelCamelCamel. It gives its users the best experience possible when looking for deals without the hassle of opening up an entire website browser. The Camelizer chrome extension gives you the easiest access to price changes and data to make informed buying decisions with ease.

One of the best ways to use the extension is to have it open when using Amazon and then plug in product information to start seeing useful information.

Once you have found a product that you want to see more information about, simply pop open the Camel Camel Camel extension to start seeing more than what the basic Amazon page will show you. One thing you can see is price history charts which give you an insider look at how a product has been priced in the past and see a very detailed timeline of its high and low price points to give you an estimate of where it will go in the future.

Having access to this feature without leaving the product page can give you instant access to powerful information that can help you decide if the current price is worth buying or if you should wait for it to come down in the future. Using the Camelizer will make you a more conscious buyer and save you tons of money as you start to pull it up for all of your online shopping.

Camelizer’s Main Features:

Instant access to your Amazon price history charts.

Create Amazon price watches directly from your browser.

Works in many Amazon countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, and Australia.

Sellerise Chrome Extension

Sellerise Chrome Extension is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to request reviews for all customer orders in a date range between 5 – 30 days.

Sellerise’s Chrome Extension Main Features:

Feedback Review Manager

Functional on every Amazon marketplace (US, UK, DE, FR, IT, ES, JP, CA, AU)

Easy-to-use review request button located on the main page of your order list for each order, eliminating time spent requesting reviews individually for each order

Ability to submit mass review requests (up to 100 requests per page) and global review requests (up to 10,000 requests), in the background after the request is submitted. No need to worry about the page closing or getting stuck – the extension will finish all the tasks for you

The system automatically skips Non-Amazon, refunded, or pending orders

In contrast to Sellerise’s Chrome Extension, which focuses mainly on offering easy-to-use review requests for Amazon orders, the Camelizer gives you the easiest access to price changes and data to make informed buying decisions with ease.

How much does Sellerise cost?

They offer you 3 different plans and prices that will fit your business perfectly:

  • Standard – $49.99/month

✔ 5 Seller Accounts

✔ 10,000 Orders per Month

✔ Sellerise iOS App

✔ Inventory Management

✔ Manual Expenses

✔ Smart Alerts

✔ PPC Dashboard

✔ Review Requester

✔ Review Dashboard

  • Enterprise – $99.99/month

✔ 10 Seller Accounts

✔ 100,000 Orders per Month

✔ Sellerise iOS App

✔ Inventory Management

✔ Manual Expenses

✔ Smart Alerts

✔ PPC Dashboard

✔ Review Requester

✔ Review Dashboard

  • Unlimited – $249.99/month

✔ 50 Seller Accounts

✔ Unlimited Orders

✔ Sellerise iOS App

✔ Inventory Management

✔ Manual Expenses

✔ Smart Alerts

✔ PPC Dashboard

✔ Review Requester

✔ Review Dashboard

Don’t miss this opportunity!

They offer you a 14 days trial, so go CHECK IT OUT and push yourself forward to being a successful Amazon seller!

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