On September 14 I had the pleasure of talking to Bradley Sutton, Helium 10‘s Director of Training and Customer Success, and the Host of the Helium10 Podcast. I had the opportunity to share some launch strategies along with some tips on how to rank on page 1 of Amazon and maintain the top position.

The Helium 10 Podcast helps sellers run Amazon businesses easier by delivering value-packed content with high-profile experts who share the latest Amazon trends, and invaluable tips. They tend to provide Amazon sellers with the most up-to-date tips and strategies for sellers of any level in the e-commerce world.

It was great to take some time to catch up with Bradley and share some insight into the Amazon Ranking process that hopefully will help you rank on page one and become successful. I am excited to share our conversation with all of you, so, let’s dive right in:

  • The Search Find Buy Method that RankBell uses [1:17]

If everyone is selling on Amazon and using the same strategy and set of resources and tools, it might be hard to stand out. This is why RankBell started using the Search Find Buy method to ensure the most effective way when it comes to Ranking on Amazon. It differs from rank manipulation tactics for a simple reason: it creates an organic clickthrough rather than imitating one and it helps sellers increase their ranking pretty well.

  • Why using Super URLs only when you first launched? [3:14]

You should consider using the Super URLs only when first launched, after which it is important to switch to the Search Find Buy method. And also, if you do choose using the Super URLs, then do not use the “Request a Review” button, as it seems that Amazon has ways to detect sales from these URLs, and disregard them for ranking purposes.

  • Are the reviews crucial for you to get on page one? [6:10]

Getting to page one with no reviews is quite strange and hard to convert, therefore, you should consider getting at least about 10 reviews for the beginning. Remember that Ranking is way more important than the number of reviews, therefore it is better to be on the first page with 10 reviews, than having 100 on page 3.

  • How to get your ranking to stick? [8:22]

If you are on page one and you start seeing a drop, then you should consider using PPC or giveaways, or, you can do a combination of both to make sure you don’t lose your position.

  • What does the Search Find Buy mean and how it works [15:20]

The Search Find Buy is the natural customer behavior: your target Amazon customers will enter the desired keywords into a search bar. Then, they’ll find your product on the results page. lastly, they will click on it and (hopefully) buy your products.

  • Launching during Coronavirus [21:24]

If you are thinking about launching your products during this pandemic – make sure you are well prepared and informed about all the aspects. Either you’re using FBA or FBM you have to get a confident insight into the system to successfully launch.

  • Is Manychat worth it? [26:04]

When it comes to using some Amazon Ranking tools, you should always consider using innovative ones. So, as Manychat has already been overused, you can use it in conjunction with influencers, Facebook groups, or other Amazon Ranking Tools to get better results.

Final note

I am so glad I got to share some thoughts related to the Amazon Ranking Service and I hope you were able to take something informative away from today’s episode!

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