These days, to be successful with Amazon FBA, every seller needs to manage large amounts of information effectively. As Amazon’s popularity keeps increasing, the need for a highly capable software dedicated to helping Amazon sellers become the best in a competitive marketplace has grown considerably.

The big question here is, which software is going to give you the edge you need to find new products and get them onto page one, all in one convenient package? There are so many options out there – all promising the world – that it can be hard to choose.

Well, let us help you a little bit.

One of the best Amazon Seller Tools available on the market that will help you discover money-making products easily, supercharge your product launch, and beat your competition, in the long run, is Helium 10.

What exactly is Helium 10?

Helium 10 is a suite of insanely powerful SEO tools that help you with product research, listing optimization, and business management tools for Amazon Seller. It will not only allow you to gain an unfair advantage over your competitors but also help you grow your business significantly.

It features 22 online-based tools that are hosted through their website, a Chrome extension that integrates with the Amazon marketplace seamlessly, and a wide possibility to have access to nearly every piece of data or information that you need to become a successful Amazon seller. The Helium 10 tools eliminate much of the guesswork and labor-intensive factors that come with selling on Amazon.

Why choose Helium 10?

Powerful Product Research

You can easily find a product with a robust 450 million ASIN database and quickly dive deeper into the analytics like seasonal trends, profit estimates with their powerful filters that provide accurate data and information.

Keyword Research

Through their services, you can effortlessly discover traffic-pulling keywords, like single-word and reverse ASIN searches, source everything from backend keywords to low-competition phrases that will help drive more traffic to your listing and make sure it is always well-optimized.

Product Launches

It takes nearly all of the risk and guesswork out of launching a new product with Cerebro and Magnet by showing how many products to give away and which keywords to target to bring in the most customers.

Ranking #1 on Amazon with Helium 10

When it comes to ranking, Helium 10’s SEO tools are star-destroying. It instantly shows you the best keywords, everything semantically related to your seed keyword, thousands of lucrative and actionable keywords, and exactly how to write your titles, bullet points, and descriptions.

Competitor Spying

Find out your competition’s strategy by uncovering what keywords their products are ranking for.

And More…

Hijacking and Product Monitoring Alerts, Inventory Protection, Keyword Index Checker, Keyword Tracking, and many more tools to help you achieve your Amazon goals.e

What makes Helium 10 Unique?

The most important elements of Helium 10 are the tools it incorporates. As we mentioned before, it has 22 powerful online-based tools to ensure you get the best experience as an Amazon seller.

Let’s dive into some Helium 10’s Tools:

Black Box 

Black Box is a fast and powerful research tool designed to help you uncover the most profitable products and find your potential product ideas through a variety of state of the art algorithms and help you transform them into winning products based on your established criteria for product category, revenue, price, best sellers rank, and many more advanced filters.

Black Box: Broad Reach Potential

This is a relatively new metric that Helium 10 has built into the Black Box tool and it measures the theoretical Broad-Reach Potential of your keywords on a scale from one to ten.

As its name suggests, is the keyword match type that allows you to reach a (much) larger search audience. This happens because of the relative likeliness that it will show up in a different position or form of the word itself in the search. What that means is that people who are searching for your keyword are many times more likely to find it.

When you use your keyword in a Broad Match, your ads are eligible to appear whenever a user searches any word in your key phrase, in any order possible. It also includes all the misspellings and synonyms that also trigger a paid-for ad to appear.

Xray – Chrome Extension

Xray is the Helium 10 Product Research tool that provides you with all the recent, highly-accurate market data and helps you make informed decisions, validate your products, and otherwise be competitive in the rapidly changing world of business. It will help you:

  1. Dive deep to determine if you should source a given product
  2. Find crucial market data, like sales, prices, reviews, and trends so you can validate your product idea
  3. Analyze markets at a glance so you can make confident sourcing decisions.


Cerebro is Helium 10’s reverse ASIN search tool that identifies the most effective keywords to build into your product listing and PPC ads. It allows you to identify your competitor’s keywords strategy and find the most relevant and effective words ranked by Amazon for a specific product. With Cerebro’s help, you can easily determine the best ways to organically steal some of their traffic so your products and listings receive more attention, and eventually get more sales.

Just paste in a product URL and it instantly spits back thousands of keyword suggestions, including all of the keywords it ranks for.


Magnet is a keyword research tool for Amazon sellers with the largest database of actionable Amazon-related search terms and long-tail keywords on the market. Simply enter a “seed” keyword, and let Magnet find high-volume keywords that are relevant to your product listing and help you uncover even more organic easy traffic opportunities that will maximize your organic traffic and skyrocket your sales.


Just like Mary Shelly’s doctor, Helium 10’s Frankenstein puts a bunch of unrelated parts together to create a powerful SEO tool that attracts more visitors and buyers to your listing. The tool processes thousands of keywords in a matter of seconds and then generates a list of the most relevant options available to higher the chance you rank #1. To make it even easier for you, Frankenstein takes all the keywords and eliminates all of the useless modifiers like “for” or “with” or “to”, leaving behind only the best keywords for you to attract even more sales.


Scribbles is Helium 10’s Amazon Listing Optimizer which helps you determine whether or not your listings are 100% optimized correctly. This tool helps you build out your listings by showing us the keywords/phrases that have the highest search volume, which ultimately is what you want in your listing. The more relevant keywords that you can index in your listing, the higher you will rank overall.

Keyword Tracker

Helium 10’s Keyword Tracker is the tool that analyzes up to date information about popular search terms and monitors your progress along the way while showing you how potential changes will positively or negatively impact your listings. It allows you to automatically track the popularity of keywords on Amazon. If you’re trying to look up say, home decor boxes, you could easily do that on Helium10. Whether you’re tracking your own products’ keywords or your competitors’, this tool lets you keep an eye on which keywords have (or continue to have) the power to increase product visibility and sales.

Index Checker

The Index Checker allows you to quickly find out which keywords are being tracked by Amazon and which ones are not. I will eliminate bad keywords that are keeping good ones from not tracking, costing you sales, and profit. Overall, it will ensure you have the proper combinations of keywords to help your products reach the top of the page and maintain the position.


Since there are a lot of hijackers out there who are trying to commit fraud, Helium 10 provides you with 24/7 Monitoring and Alerts that allows you to immediately respond to a threat. It will continually monitor all your ASINs and instantly alert you when another seller attempts to sell counterfeits of your products or usurp your brand authority.


Helium 10’s Misspellinator tool is the leading misspelling checker for Amazon sellers. Because misspelled search words happen often, it is efficient that you use them. Simply enter a keyword for your product and it will find common misspellings that you can include within your listing.

Refund Genie

This tool generates a detailed report that can be shared with Amazon to recoup any losses and seek reimbursement from Amazon. It is an essential tool for any Amazon seller because it simplifies the process of refunding customers for products they no longer desire or that were non-functional upon receipt.


Follow-Up is a fully automated consumer email service that provides better outreach to your customers. You can customize, create, and send out mass emails to reach your consumer base and make your potential customers aware of sales, deals, and other events you currently have going on.

Helium 10 Review Downloader

We all know that customer reviews play a key role in any online sales because they reveal the truth about any product and help products rank higher on the page. Helium 10 provides you with the ability to download any Amazon reviews from your competitor in a fast and very efficient way through their Review Downloader.

This handy tool is part of the Helium 10 Chrome Extension available in the Chrome Web Store or when you sign up for Xray, helps you avoid the long process of individually copying your competitor’s reviews and collects all reviews from a designated ASIN within seconds. Instead of pasting all of them into a database or spreadsheet manually, this amazing tool will automatically do all the hard work for you.

How does Helium 10’s Review Downloader work?

Firstly, make sure you have installed the Helium 10 Chrome Extension.

Secondly, when you find a specific Amazon product you would like to download all the reviews from, simply click on the Helium 10 icon in the upper right-hand corner of the browser to open the extension menu.

Then, click the blue arrow next to Review Downloader to expand the options menu.

From this menu, you can narrow or widen your downloaded results in the following ways:

  • Get reviews within a specific time frame.
  • Select to download reviews only from Verified Purchase customers.
  • Select to download reviews marked Helpful.
  • Select to download reviews Only with Images.
  • Select to download reviews Only with Videos.
  • Select to download reviews that range between 1-5 stars (percentage of total reviews bearing each rating is provided).
  • Search reviews that contain a designated keyword(s).

Once you have set all the parameters that you need, click the Extract button to begin the download. You should get the results in the form of a CVS file within several seconds (depending on your internet speed). Once completed, the file can be viewed as a spreadsheet for you or an employee to dive into for juicy information to gain a competitive edge over your competition.

How to Use Helium 10?

Step 1: Sign up for your free Helium 10 account

Since Helium 10 offers a 30 free days trial, use this opportunity to get an insight into what are the tools it provides and how it works. There is absolutely no cost to register your account and start using the tools available in the free version. No credit card obligation or anything like that – just create an account and enjoy the benefits.

Moreover, Helium 10 also offers outstanding customer service support. So, if at any time you have questions or concerns – just send an email to support@helium10.com and their customer service team will get back to you as soon as possible.

P.S.: They’re available 24/7, so you can reach out to them at any time. Literally.

Step 2: Get the Chrome extension

Helium 10’s Chrome extension is one of the most powerful tools that will help you with your Amazon journey. This extension is free and is basically a handy popup guide that you can enable while browsing through the Amazon page.

Inside your browser, the extension displays at-a-glance the most important features you need, including sales history, pricing history, ranking, and more. Moreover, you’ll also be able to use the tools to get ahead of your competitors through collecting data about their reviews, their profit margins, keywords, and much much more.

Step 3: Get educated with our Helium 10 Training videos

They not only provide you with powerful Amazon tools, they also offer you detailed tutorials to walk you through the features of each of them. Their Director of Training and Success, Bradley Sutton teams up with other Helium 10 experts to show you how to apply that knowledge to different tasks and strategies.

Make sure you don’t miss this amazing opportunity and become an expert with the help of Helium 10’s Training Videos.

Step 4: Take the Freedom Ticket Course

If you are new to Helium 10, you probably haven’t heard about their Freedom Ticket

Course. It is an all-in-one course for learning every detail about how to set up and run your Amazon business. It’s perfect for Beginners, and for those who need to enrich their fundamental knowledge.

The best part right now is that they are offering the first two weeks of this comprehensive eight-week course at no cost, so make sure you don’t miss this either!

Step 5: Benefit from Helium 10’s Tools

Starting from researching your product, calculating your profits, sourcing products, to supply chain, putting together a well-optimized listing, and other powerful features they provide. We know the information can be a bit overwhelming at first, but with enough research and resources, you’ll be an Amazon expert in no time.

How much does Helium 10 cost?

Helium 10’s pricing is divided into four separate membership options to better suit each client. Each plan has different options, including access to a variety of tools, and is paid monthly, so you can easily adjust your membership to include more tools when needed.

  • Free (Helium 10 Trial)

    ✔ Limited access to the Helium 10 tool suite
    ✔ 30-day FREE trial to Frankenstein, Scribbles, and Profits
    ✔ Single-user access

How to Use Helium 10 for Free? – 30 Day Trial

Not sure if you’re ready to commit to a monthly subscription yet, or maybe you’re not confident which specific tool you need? Helium 10 offers you the possibility to get a Free, limited version of most of its tools. You get access to the basic features of Helium 10, including Frankenstein, Scribbles, and Profits. Basic features free.

Use and explore the power of Helium 10’s tools completely risk-free, and upgrade anytime you desire.

  • Platinum – $97/month

✔ Full Single-User Access, Plus

✔ Index Checker: 150 uses/month

✔ Keyword Tracker: 2,500 keywords/month

✔ Alerts: 300 ASINs/month

✔ Follow-Up: 5,000 emails/month

✔ Freedom Ticket Amazon Training ($997 value)

  • Diamond – $197/month

✔ Everything in Platinum, Plus

✔ Multi-user login

✔ Index Checker: 300 uses/month

✔ Keyword Tracker: 5,000 keywords/month

✔ Alerts: 600 ASINs/month

✔ Follow-Up: 15,000 emails/month

✔ Access to PPC management platform, ADS

✔ 4 Seller Central Account Connections

✔ Inventory Management: Unlimited SKUs

  • Elite

✔ Everything in Diamond, Plus

✔ Highest-tier access to Helium 10

✔ Quarterly in-person workshops

✔ LIVE monthly online training with top industry experts

✔ Access to the private Elite Facebook group

✔ Access to PPC management platform, ADS

✔ 4 Seller Central Account Connections

✔ Inventory Management: Unlimited SKUs

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It’s time for you to become a successful Amazon Seller and have your own Helium 10 success story.

If you’re looking to maximize your profits and grow your Amazon sales considerably, Helium 10 will perfectly help you. Overall, it stands out and is a great choice for members of the FBA program to better manage their inventory and optimize their business without investing in third-party programming.

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