How many should I give away per day?

We recommend using Helium 10’s CPR tool to find out how many giveaways are needed. Here is a link to Helium 10: https://bit.ly/397oQpB Use RANKBELL – for 10% off every month or the yearly plan RANKBELL50 – for 50% off the first month of Helium 10

Is this guaranteed to rank me to page 1?

Getting on page 1 depends on a few factors. The most important factor is getting enough sales/giveaways per day to reach page 1. We can guarantee that we will get you the sales that you ask for based on the schedule you provide. You would have to provide us the giveaway schedule in advance.

Can we tweak our campaign once it starts?

Absolutely! We are very flexible and can accommodate most changes including keywords, number of orders per day, pausing, extending the campaign, etc. Just let your account specialist know, and they will be happy to accommodate.

Do I change the price or provide a coupon? Is it better to leave at full price

Yes. It’s better if the buyers order the products at full price to maximize the ranking

What range of buyers do you have that I will have access to?

We have thousands of buyers in our network that are fully vetted and trained by our specialists.

How does ranking service work?

You tell us how many orders you need and we accomplish your goals of reaching the desired number of units per day

Who are the buyers?

Our buyers are Amazon prime members located throughout the US.

Can we control the demographics

We can try our best to accommodate certain preferences but we cannot guarantee this.

My product does not show up. What do I do?

We recommend using a SuperURL if your keyword is not indexed yet. Once it shows up in searches, we can switch to search-find-buy.

How do I create a SuperURL

We recommend using Helium10 gems or Pixelfy

Is it better to do it over a longer period or shorter period

We have seen the rank increase in both cases. Depends on the preference of the seller.

How long should I do it?

Helium10 CPR recommends 8 days. We have sellers who use the 8-day, 15-day and 30-day campaigns. All are extremely successful. In our opinion, the longer the campaign the better.

Should I use coupons?

It’s better if the buyers order full price to maximize the ranking

What happens if I change my price during a campaign?

We prefer you to keep the price the same during your campaign, but if absolute necessary let your account specialist know ahead of time.

Do you guarantee the buyers will search using the kw

Yes, our buyers are specially vetted and trained to know the importance of our process and how search find buy works. This ensures they will purchase not only using the correct keywords but also by organically shopping around before purchasing the correct product.

What information do you need from me to get started

Create a log-in. Once you have an account created you will be able to add your campaigns.

What is the total cost?

Our cost is $15/unit for regular products, $20/unit for e-books, and $25/unit for supplements. The total cost will vary based on the product and how many giveaways you need. If you are doing a large campaign, message us and we will customize the price to make it more affordable to you. Reach out to bell@rankbell.com today for your personalized quote!

How often do I get updates?

Our account specialist will update you throughout your campaign regarding the orders and the process. At any time you wish to see how the campaign is going you can refer to your dashboard.

How do I know which orders are organic vs from this?

Your RankBell dashboard will provide all the information of each campaign in one easy to find place. You will then be able to monitor your campaign, including order numbers from our buyers.

What forms of payment do you accept?

PayPal, CashApp, Venmo, BankWire. With PayPal if there is a credit card linked to your account you can pay via credit card.

When is the payment due?

Product cost and services fees are due up front, prior to start of the campaign.

Can I rank using multiple keywords?

Absolutely; you can use as many keywords, variations as you would like.

Do you only rank on Amazon or other platforms as well, like Walmart?

We can assist with other platforms like Walmart, Etsy, Home Depot, Chewy, etc. Let us know where you are interested, and we would be happy to let you know if we service that platform as well.

Do you guarantee reviews?

We are a ranking service. While we can not guarantee reviews, we have seen an increase in positive reviews after our clients have used our services.

What separates RankBell from other ranking services?

Our customer support is phenomenal. We will update you every step of the way and change the promotions as often as needed. We love our sellers, and we will always put your first. Your success is our success!

How is RankBell different than other giveaway services, like RebateKey?

We focus on the Search-Find-Buy method. Our buyers are fully vetted and trained so we can deliver the best results possible when it comes to ranking. We want you to be successful from day 1.

What is Search Find Buy

Search Find Buy refers to the method of searching for your exact product through a keyword, finding your exact product then ordering it.

When do I start seeing a positive effect on ranking

This will vary based on the keywords you have chosen, amount per day given away and organic sales.