Behind Rankbell

Meet the founder

Izabela Hamilton is the CEO and founder of RankBell. Coming from a third-world country, she is not foreign to hard work. She started RankBell with nothing but a laptop and a dream to one day help 1 million sellers reach the same goal she had — financial freedom through the success of their business!

With over 7 years in the field, we learned not only what Amazon sellers are looking for, but also secret insights into the customer’s mind. By knowing what both the sellers and customers want, RankBell has created the perfect recipe for success. We’re strongly committed to our common goal – to help 1 million Amazon sellers succeed on Amazon by 2030.

RankBell CEO & Founder - Izabela Hamilton
Amazon tools are great…but often just provide market estimates. We evaluate the exact customer data that makes a difference and makes the intel easy to read, understand, and most important of all – easy to put to good use!
We provide you with the exact, predictable steps you need to take to reach the right audience and increase the visibility of your product. No guessing, overspending, or experimenting on your account. We base our actions on real customer data to get unbiased, measurable, and tangible results.
Our dedicated team will do their best to answer your questions until you’re fully satisfied. Don’t head down the selling game alone. We’re always here to help you and your business thrive!